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11:08 pm: Yesterday my mom and I got a set of these phones:

It's really kewl! The only downside on them is that they don't have any games or ability to add games for use when I'm waiting somewhere, nor an outside display to check the time (my cell is my timepiece) or who's calling.

But it's really cute, cost me nothing (I'm on my mom's family plan), and has a kewl speakerphone which was the key "make-or-break" feature that my new phone had to have.

Last night I bought some accessories. Two car chargers (one for my mom's car, one for my scooter), two belt clip holsters (yeah, I know it's not fashionable to clip on a phone but I don't care), and one usb computer/phone cable so I can possibly hack this phone somehow to add kewl shyte.

I also saw this:

This earpiece looks nice in that it has the mic built-in to the earpiece and it gets your voice (I believe) from your ear canal. I would think that this would eliminate windy sounding calls like with boom mics on the other end of the conversation.

Unfortunately the button to answer a call is on the earpiece I believe which is handy for regular people, but not handy for receiving calls with a helmet on.

The search continues...


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From: scootgirl
Date:September 3rd, 2004 11:20 pm (UTC)
That's funny in that I found this review just after posting that. The reviewer says in part:

"I was under the impression that the ear piece picked up your voice from your ear canal so that your speeach would be crystal clear to the person on the other end. However, this isnt the case. The mic is in the piece that sticks out of your ear. This is only a problem in loud environments where the mic tends to pick up a lot of background noise. I drive a sports car that has a relativly loud cockpit and tend to get complaints from the people I speak to. When I drive the wife's sedan its no problem at all."

That would have NOT been the solution!
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